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Solar Oven Reflectors

Solar Oven Reflectors is a business on a mission - to reduce the need for wood and other cooking fuels in third world countries through the use of safe, durable, and easily constructed solar cooking devices.

Up to two billion members of the world's population could benefit from solar cooking

Solar ovens provide an economical, sustainable, and reliable method of cooking, baking, pasteurizing water, and much more. Up to two billion members of the world's population could benefit from solar cooking, but only a few million people currently have materials and knowledge necessary to build and use solar ovens.

With your help, we can change that. Here at Solar Oven Reflectors, we are working to help people harness the power of the sun in everyday life with education, kits, solar oven products, and information on local materials and manufacturing.

Sun Dome Solar Cooker and Oven

Solar Oven Reflectors is engaged in the business of making Solar Oven Prototypes. After making prototype solar ovens since 2010, we have identified four characteristics that are essential for a solar oven.

Assembled Sun Dome CookerDesign Essentials for Solar Ovens

  1. Affordability
  2. Simplicity
  3. Durability
  4. Portability
  5. Scalability

Following these five design criteria, Solar Oven Reflectors, LLC has developed our Sun Dome Solar Cooker and Oven. We fabricate them from a plastic dome with anodized aluminum for the reflector.

The domed cooker is wood-free, the domes nest together, and the reflector folds flat. This makes it possible to ship more than one per box.

For Wisconsin, we make the reflector for the cooker with four sides. In southern climates, three sides work well, reducing manufacturing time by a third.

This oven can be made cheaply, from an oven bag replacing the dome, a black pot, and a reflector made from foil-covered cardboard.

The Sun Dome Cooker is a panel solar cooker with temperatures of 300 degrees.


We Have What You Need to Get Started

Learn more about Solar Cooking, and get started on your personal solar cooking project or make the world a better place by starting a project to bring solar cooking to a developing nation.

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