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Solar Cooker Assembly Micro-Factory

The Sun Dome Solar Cooker / Oven is an ideal design for a micro factory operation. The domes nest together for shippping and the reflector materials can be shipped and assembled on site. Assembly requires mainly hand tools and rechargable drills and blind rivets. Assembly requires mainly hand tools and rechargable drills and blind rivets.

We have found that a minimum of 160 coolkers qualifies for the minimum metal purchase and wholescale pricing. Scaling up from this amount will provide some additional price breaks.

Materials for 160 Ovens

  1. 640 pieces of 16" x 24" .025 anodized aluminum (
  2. 320 pieces of 17" x 16" anodized aluminum (
  3. 640 12" continuous aluminum hinges (Monroe Hinges)
  4. 160 16" aluminum hinges
  5. 320 4" aluminum hinges
  6. 6,000 blind revets 1/8" short
  7. 160 dozen binder clips (
  8. 160 plastic domes (from us)
  9. 160 racks for allowing air under the cooking pan (wholesale kitchen supply stores)
  10. 160 black 16" x 16" textile pieces or rubber gasket seals to keep the dome heat-sealed 
  11. Insulation for under the oven or locally-sourced textiles, foam with a reflective coating, dry grass, fiberglass or other materials (suggest Warm Company oven mitt material)
  12. 1,200 1 inch x 1/4" bolts and nuts
  13. Tools: 3 Malco ceiling grid punches,  Stanley rivet tools, 4 rechargable drills, 3 dozen 1/8" drill bits, 6 5/16" drill bits, 3 metal shears, 3 awls, 3 24" Malco folding tools, 3 9" Malco aluminum bending tools
  14. If off-grid, two solar panels to charge drill batteries

The aluminum is thin and takes up minimal room. Shipping weight is 1,600 lbs for the listed materials and tools.

Of the four design essentials, affordability is an issue with the Sun Dome. Using bright aluminum, a 3-sided reflector and a less expensive dome can all cut costs.

If there is a source of inexpensive aluminum, such as locally-available scrap printer plates, the SunStove solar oven ns the traditional oven of choice as it can be fabricated locally.


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