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It's a Great Day to Solar Cook


Why Should We Use the Sun to Cook?

In a wide swath of the world, solar cooking can provide many benefits. For example:

    • Solar cooking saves time. Not only is there no need to seek firewood, there is also no need to tend an open fire. This time can instead be spent at work, at market, tending crops, or spending time with family
    • Young women who would otherwise be tasked with finding fuel and watching fires can attend school and get a valuable education instead
    • Solar cooking saves money, which can then be spent on more and better food, medical care, clothing, school supplies, and other necessities
    • Solar ovens also provide small business opportunities for local craftsmen who can manufacture them
    • Solar ovens are invaluable to institutions such as schools, churches, orphanages, relief camps, hospitals, etc., who require inexpensive ways to produce large quantities of wholesome food
    • Solar ovens preserve the nutritional value of food due to water retention, low cooking temperatures, and prevention of burned or scalded foods
    • Solar ovens encourage the cooking of whole, healthy foods such as beans and legumes that would otherwise be avoided due to their long cooking times and high fuel consumption
    • Solar cooking is available even in the event of an emergency or disaster, when traditional fuel supplies may be scarce or prohibitively expensive
    • Solar cooking allows indoor kitchens to stay cool in the summer while food cooks safely outside

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