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Solar Oven Fabrication and Manufacturing Process

The following photos show the step-by-step manufacturing process for a Sun Dome Solar Oven. It is best to have a finished oven at each fabrication station as a guide to fabricating the oven in addition to the photos.

Sun Dome Solar Ovens are designed to be manufactured on site with minimal tools. There are two advantages to manufacturing on site. First it creates local jobs. Second, shipping of unassembled parts significantly reduces shipping volume.

The Sun Domes nest together and are unbreakable. The only component that doesn’t nest is the Granite Ware 517 cooking pots. If locally available pots can be purchased, shipping volume can be further reduced.

Some suppliers have minimum purchase requirements for materials and wholesale price breaks for bulk purchases. Reasonable pricing starts at about 200 cookers. If an organization wants to manufacture these ovens in lower volume, they can contact Solar Oven Reflectors and there is a possibility of coordinating and splitting a purchase among groups.

Manufacturing Process