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It's a Great Day to Solar Cook


Assemble and Use the Sun Dome Oven

4-Sided Reflector Assembly

  1. Green Tabs: Remove the blue vinyl film, then unfold the reflector and attach 2 bolts loosely to the hinge.
  2. Orange Tabs: Loosely attach the front holes with two bolts on the reflector to two hinges on the reflector base.
  3. Yellow Tabs: Tilt the rear of the base with multiple holes upright and attach the upper part of the base near its top, to the two holes on the back of the reflector.

The reflector is now in a position to catch the morning sun. Closer to noon, set the reflector upright to catch more sunlight.

3-Sided Reflector Assembly

Follow the same directions as for the 4-sided reflector, but skip step 1.

Using the Oven

Place black felt on the bottom of the base and sit the pot with food on a rack or thin wood strip so air flows underneath. Place the dome over the pot and secure with 9 binder clips. Secure the plastic dome to the metal with the felt in-between. Place blankets or other textiles on the table under the cooker for insulation.

Sun passes at 15 degrees per hour. If you set the cooker out early, then position it so that the shadow of the reflector to the east is half as large as the shadow to the west. Adjust the position hourly. If you wish to adjust the position every half-hour, then make the shadow from the east slightly smaller th from the west. For early morning use, the front reflector can be adjusted to project a shadow half its length toward the base.

Experiment, and good luck!

Assembly Photos

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